Why Trauma & Addiction Recovery is My Passion

This edition of The GILDed Blog is written by Trauma and Addiction Recovery Specialist Kendra McLaughlin

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“Revitalizing these Lost Zones within our psyche is about looking directly at the damage and stitch by stitch, bringing what has been torn from us into belonging” Toko-pa Turner

Look Around You

Today, as I walked beside the river at my favorite spot, sun warming my face in the freezing cold air, I couldn’t help but think about the 13 yr old little girl that was memorialized on the granite bench as passed by.

Someone’s beloved daughter lost at such a young age…a trauma that will live with her family and childhood friends until they join her in the afterlife.

Uncovering Your Hidden Trauma

I have experienced deep trauma in my life.

Who hasn’t, right?

My trauma came to visit me at the tender age of 5.

My life was simple like a little girl’s life should be.

We lived in the country hills with sparse riches to show but I was comfortable and secure.

One summer weekend my dad and two of his buddies went up north to go fishing and camping.

I’m not sure what exactly happened on that fateful day nor will I ever be sure, but all three men drowned together that weekend.

I spent the next 40 years going through various cycles of feeling abandoned, lonely, confused and then feeling shame and guilt for not being able to “get my life together”.

My trauma cycle led me down the path of addiction and personal destruction.

With courage, hard work and persistence, I have been able to find my voice, learn new ways to grow and create the life of my dreams.

I am so excited to help you do the same with the life-saving tools and techniques that I use every single day!

You’ll be amazed at the difference in your life!

It’s happy time!

Woot Woot!!

Your Brain and Trauma

Our brains are so amazing, right?

Just think …when you experience trauma your brain makes an imprint of all of the emotions, thoughts, bodily sensations and responses and keeps it stored away in a file of sorts.

When your brain senses danger, it automatically goes back to that saved file and reproduces the exact same physical and emotional feelings that you experienced during the actual trauma as if the trauma is happening in real-time!

Cool Huh?

What’s not so cool is that this file will continue to replay over and over throughout your life keeping you stuck in the same unfulfilling cycles of 1 step forward 2 steps back.

Sound familiar?

Dr. Jane talks about this all the time.

It’s the primary focus of our work with clients using the Freedom Design Matrix methodology.

You can learn more about that here.

Where does Addiction come in?

Trauma is the birth mother of addiction.

As Dr. Jane would say, “there’s a Truth Bomb for you!”

Addiction is born from trauma.

Addiction is NOT hereditary as part of your genetic makeup.

Addiction comes into play as you try to find ways of getting rid of the pain of the trauma that you have experienced in your life.

It’s an extremely painful cycle and insidious, as it isn’t always something you can detect.

[I detest that] It affects your life in bold ways and in the most subtle of ways.

Eating away at your self- esteem, your dignity and most of all your trust in yourself.

You’ve got this!

This is exactly why we developed this unique Trauma and Addiction Recovery course for you to be able to finally move past your trauma and free yourself from the grips of addiction.

This is YOUR time to start rockin’ life!!

Don’t worry …You’ve got this!

High Five!

I won’t promise that it will be easy, but I will promise it will be totally worth it!

So let’s get this party started!!

xx – Coach Kendra

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