• I’ve gone from being nervous, anxious, and stressed out to being relaxed after working with Dr. Jane from GILD. She is the fourth coach I’ve tried to work with, and the only one who has made a difference. I’m not sure if she has a magic wand or not, but it sure seems like she does!

    Monica C. Houston, Texas
  • GILD is amazing. I've worked with Dr. Jane and Coach Kendra. Their programs helped me to get over my mindset blocks so I could start a new business and leave my old mental baggage behind. Kendra's yoga program is incredibly helpful. Who would have thought that yoga works with therapy to help get over negative things from our past? Well, it does.

    Marin K., Cincinnati, Ohio
  • GILD has been a game changer for me. I’ve struggled with stress and anxiety for as long as I can remember. Dr. Jane is an expert and has gone above and beyond with me. At first I didn’t know what coaching online would be like, but it was like Jane was right here with me. She’s responsive and caring. I feel connected to her and really feel like she’s my partner in making my goals happen.

    I’ve accomplished more in a few weeks with GILD than I have in years of therapy. Dr. Jane's method of combining therapy with coaching is what makes the difference. She's better than any therapist I can imagine. She gets stuff done and made me feel valued and respected while doing it.

    Laura R. La Jolla, California
  • Working with Dr. Jane has revolutionized my view of myself and helped me overcome major blind spots in my life. I now look forward to the future and have measurable goals to reach and celebrate rather than “flying by the seat of my pants” through life. When obstacles come up, I have tools to overcome them, and I know that Dr. Jane is just a phone call away if I need more support.

    Alexis M. Memphis, Tennessee
  • Jane helped me have the confidence I needed for a presentation for a $500,000 project. In my mind I knew what my plan was but could not put it on paper where it could be understood. My business thoughts when it comes to ideas and business plans are very ample but having dyslexia has hindered me. Jane broke through all of those doubts that I had in my mind. She gave me homework that I would go over with her in our next session.

    The presentation was a success This would not have been possible with Jane going over everything verbally for me to best understand. I feel blessed in having her for my coach than and looking forward to just keeping her!!!

    Carmen M. Charleston, South Carolina
  • I knew I needed to change some things to make my life move forward but no matter what I tried, nothing helped. Then I met Dr. Jane, Coach Shawn, & Coach Kendra and everything changed. I was afraid coaching would be too expensive but it really is affordable, and it has made all the difference in my life. Plus, there isn't anywhere else you can go where you have constant access to three professional coaches with different areas of expertise. I'm pretty sure whatever you're trying to accomplish can get done with this team at GILD.

    Marc L., Positano, Italy
  • Jane is such an incredible coach. She helped me with solutions on how to manage my stress, which I think many of us women are struggling with. She advised me on special techniques for me to be comfortable and reduce my stress, and helped me understand what my stress level is doing to my body and mind. Jane also guided my good friend here in Norway who is a nursing caregiver – but who cares so much for others that she neglects herself. I give my best recommendations for Jane – you will be very happy if you’re so lucky to work with her. She has a nice personality and understood me oh-so-well from the minute I started talking with her.

    Karine E. Odda, Norway
  • Thank you, Dr. Jane, for the wonderful coaching. It’s amazing what can be done when you have the right motivator in your corner.

    James C. North Little Rock, Arkansas
  • I cannot say enough about this amazing coach! Dr. Jane is insightful, intuitive, and incredibly caring. She doesn't just help people through struggles to achieve their dreams - she is invested in their success. She helped me figure out how to stop being so hard on myself, take control my schedule, and taught me how self-care is the first step in being successful in other places of my life.

    Thank you Jane for all you have done for me - I know my goals are within reach with you by my side coaching me to the finish line!

    Virginia M. Louisville, Kentucky
  • After working with GILD, I realize everybody needs a great coach no matter how good or bad things are going. Even though I’m a happy person who has her life on track, Dr. Jane helped me make it even better. Her coaching methods helped me look at things in a different way and I’m even happier now.

    Catherine G. Toronto, Ontario
  • GILD Coaching has helped me take a step back and look at my whole life. I’m living with a new mindset. I’m happier and feel so much more organized. Stress used to mentally cripple me, but thanks to GILD Coaching and Dr. Jane, I developed skills to deal with life’s surprises and even day-to-day life. Looking back it seems so simple, but I would have never been able to see then what I see now. It’s because of Jane – so, Dr. Jane – thank you for making my life a happier place to live. My husband says thanks, too – he says the woman he married is back again!!

    Callie P. Houston, Texas
  • Dr. Jane is a miracle worker. I’ve gone from being miserable at work to actually looking forward to it. Her communication guidance and mindset coaching slashed my stress level in half. The worried thoughts that used to keep me from falling asleep at night are gone. I’m smiling and laughing more. I didn’t realize life could be fun; like Jane says “Sometimes it’s what’s in your head.”

    Joseph A. Miami, FL