Reducing Your Mind Clutter

Do you ever feel overwhelmed?

As though there are so many things to keep up with that you just don’t know if you will ever reach the end of the list?

The other day I was talking with a friend who, in the middle of a sentence, said, “I have no idea where I was going with that…”

Has that ever happened to you?

As someone diagnosed with ADHD (and with kids who are diagnosed with ADHD), I must admit that it’s happened to me… and often.

I don’t think it’s because of any diagnosed condition, though.

The reason is the “getting off track” or getting overwhelmed has a pattern.

The pattern is simple:

  • When I am taking the time to reduce my mind clutter, I do not lose track
  • When I am not taking the time to reduce my mind clutter, I lose track.

Almost the same sentence…

Worlds apart.

So, what’s the secret?

I recently taught a class about reducing stress and negativity.

In that class, I explain why our brains LOVE patterns.

(…and I mean LOVE… love, love, love… cannot live without patterns)

Your brains create patterns (also known as habits) to help conserve your energy.

We talked about loads of other things in this class as well, but afterward, my mind kept coming back to this point.





In our world, even when we’re “shut down” because of a pandemic, we’re still really cluttered.

When the world slowed down and we were forced to stay home, there were definitely fewer things to do… our options were limited.

I saw a lot of people start to post on Facebook more – some people started to post daily about their workouts, their meals, their online get-togethers.

It seemed that their brains were desperately trying to fill in the patterns that existed before the world fell off its axis for a time.

They were trying to STAY busy.

Now… that makes no sense to me because how many of us have said: “I wish I could just press pause and take a break?”

Honestly- I don’t know anyone who hasn’t expressed that in some way, somehow, and at some point!

…but when it was handed to them, what did they do?

They filled the silence with NOISE.



…and lots of complaints.

It seems that even though the break we took allowed our beautiful earth to rebound from some pollution damage, the humans on it were so addicted to the patterns – to the mind clutter – that they just kept going.

What do the two things have to do with each other?

Mind clutter + Patterns?

They’re directly related.

The answer is if you are allowing yourself to fall into the habit of letting “busy-ness” rule the day (mind clutter) then you’re developing that as a pattern.

It won’t matter what kind of a break you get… you’ve found YOUR personal addiction.

If you really – truly – want to live with a more settled and peaceful mind…

The first thing you need is to create new patterns.

You won’t get rid of the old patterns without new ones to take their places.

Your mind uses patterns as a way to conserve energy.

It’s a natural – primal – defense mechanism.

The good news here is that you can start breaking your patterns immediately.

The best place to start is with a solid morning routine – and guess where I always tell our clients that the best starting point is for a great morning routine?

…a solid evening routine.

Here’s a playlist to guide you through – this is 11 hours of audio… two pre-bedtime meditations, eight hours of sleep music for deep sleep, healing, and relaxation, and then it leads into music for attention and focus to start off your morning the next day.

You also have access to our free guide to create your custom morning routine for success.

(I love giving things away.)

For those of you who REALLY want to up-level this, you’re going to want to check out our Master Your Mind Mentorship… Master Sri Akarshana and I Am Creator are partnering with GILD to present this – so you’ll get the benefit of a professional mind mapping expert and a Himalayan Spiritual Master… not too shabby!

If you want to hear more about Master Sri – this week’s YouTube video that just dropped is all about him and his journey to mastery.

It’s an in-depth interview with the documentarian who followed him into the mountains for his transformation (and it’s really awesome!)


Love and blessings – Dr. Jane

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