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I'm Dr. Jane Mims

I'm the Career Doctor - I work with high-achievers who want more and need help getting it.

I'm an Emmy Award winning journalist and don't accept anything less than the top prize. If you're ready to skyrocket your success, then we need to talk.

Far too many people are chasing a dream, but don't even know what that means for them. They've figured out they're never going to find the solution. That's when they find me... and everything changes.

I diagnose what's really wrong in their life and career, and re-write their reality so what used to be dreams become their everyday life.

I'm an experienced Executive Success Coach & Life Design Specialist. With my proven proprietary methods: The Career Doctor program & Environmental Re-Design System, I help everyone from Fortune 500 CEOs to stay-at-home moms get everything on track so they're successful and fulfilled on a daily basis.

Take ownership of your life - stop enduring it and start really living it.

Live your purpose, and achieve the success that's possible. GILD can get you there.

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Praise From Our Clients

  • GILD has been a game changer for me... I've accomplished more in a few weeks with GILD than I have during years of therapy.

    Laura R. La Jolla, California
  • I’ve gone from being nervous, anxious, and stressed out to being relaxed after working with Coach Jane from GILD.

    Monica C. Houston, Texas
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