Break Free From Fear & Anxiety

Fear holds us back in life until we learn how to be friends with it.

The huge issue here is we’re taught to be afraid of fear.

If we stop being afraid of this great big monster and instead look it straight in the eye, we’ll come a lot farther in life… and more happily.

Does that sound good to you?

I hope so… because that’s the whole point of this blog post.

Your Steady Stream of Fear & Anxiety

Many people have a constant and steady stream of fear and anxiety – it’s something they’ve developed and live with each moment – and that can create major health issues.

There’s a certain level of fear we need – fear over danger, for example.

When we fear danger, that fear helps keep us safe.

Fear that manifests in us in other ways and for other reasons isn’t as healthy…

That “constant state of fear” creates high anxiety and stress.

The important key to breaking free from this is slowing down to dive deeply into your thought processes.

Each of us has a subconscious blueprint that is designed to recognize and signal us for danger (the fear/danger response that’s already been mentioned here) but it’s when the non-lethal dangers continue to trigger that fear response in us that we fall into the stress and anxiety trap.

This isn’t easy to do because it takes us voluntarily admitting something about ourselves that we don’t like… and that’s not something we like to do on a regular basis!

There are two areas where we need to really dig in:

Am I focusing backward?

Am I focusing forward?

Focusing backward means we’re replaying things; we are dwelling on thoughts or events that have already happened.

Thoughts in this category may include statements such as “if only…” and “why didn’t I…”

All negative thoughts in some way are linked to fear.

Anxiety is always linked to fear.

Focusing backward through trying to reason out a different present reality based on things that did not happen creates a fear in us that makes us reject and become anxious about our “now.”

It’s never positive for you and will only intensify the fear and anxiety you’re feeling.

Focusing forward is a tricky one – because as humans we’re planners.

We love to plan.

We need to plan.

We need to make sure that tomorrow we have food and shelter.

We need to make sure that tonight we are safe so we can enjoy tomorrow’s food and shelter.

Planning in that way is totally fine.

Please do it – I’d like very much for you to have food and shelter tomorrow!

The way that focusing forward does not serve us is when thoughts based in “what if” scenarios come into play.

“What if he doesn’t like what I say? What will he do?”

This ends up bringing tomorrow’s (fictitious) events into today so we are pre-playing anxiety over negative scenarios… or in some cases pre-playing happiness over positive scenarios.

Those are both dangerous.

The pre-playing negative scenarios creates a huge sense of doom and can hurt a potential positive outcome of whatever it is you’ll be doing… plus, it severely raises your stress level.

The pre-playing positive scenarios create expectations.

I always say expectations are premeditated disappointments.

It’s dangerous to place expectations on behavior we cannot control.

(That means any behavior that is not our own.)

So if you want to break free from anxiety and fear, these two areas of your own thought patterns need to be clear & clean first.

Freedom From Fear

When we make friends with our fear, we are able to have freedom from the prison that fear has created for us.

All of your actions, reactions, and thoughts happen through the lens of your subconscious blueprint.

Understanding fear responses that are recorded – permanently – in that subconscious blueprint makes it possible for us to reprogram the meaning so we can get out of the failure pattern that fear makes in our lives.

That’s why we created the Freedom Design Matrix – a process that traces back all of your responses, reactions, and thoughts to root events in your mind.

We’re able to uncover the root cause of negative thought patterns, and negative behavioral patterns… so they won’t hold you back.

Join us in The GILDed Life free online community to start overcoming the fear that’s holding you back and learn more about how the Freedom Design Matrix can set you free!

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