Why You Should Hire a Life Coach

You’re not going to call your babysitter to unclog your drain. You’re not going to call your plumber to tame your overgrown lawn. You’re probably not going to ask your landscaper to babysit your kids.

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Because this concept makes sense to everyone at or beyond the Kindergarten level, why are people still asking their sister, brother, friend, co-worker, parent, spouse, etc. to help them navigate life? Unless that person is a trained coach or counselor, they have no business doing so, and usually they can’t help because they’re “in it” with you!

Coaching is HUGE right now internationally in the corporate world, and life coaching is steadily growing as a viable tool for anyone who is open enough to give it a try.  People are asking all the time “Why would anyone need a life coach?” Here are a few answers:

  • They help you save time.
  • They see what you’re blind to, and have the guts to point it out… kindly.
  • They aren’t going to listen to your problems, take notes and have little to no feedback other than to schedule your next “appointment,” as some counselors and therapists do.
  • Great life coaches know how to ask great questions to help you reach the realizations you need to have for personal growth.
  • A life coach gives you peace of mind regarding your circumstances and responses.
  • They can help you develop skills you’d otherwise never learn (because they’re highly trained professionals who have spent years learning them!)
  • A life coach makes you more accountable.
  • You gain a greater perspective on your life through coaching.
  • A life coach helps you craft a plan to soar over obstacles between you and your goals.
  • Coaching helps you develop a greater sense of balance.
  • Going through the coaching process helps reduce anxiety in your life.
  • Confidence is boosted through coaching sessions.
  • Great coaches help you feel revitalized.
  • Coaching helps develop your sense of decisiveness and helps you trust yourself.
  • Coaches help you discover the best version of yourself.

How does a coach do all of those things? There are several highly-detailed techniques and methods used in the coaching world. Coaches have dedicated themselves to their education and continuing education so they’re always growing, therefore, they can assist you in your growth.

What do you have to lose? Click here to start the process by scheduling a free 30-minute coaching session, or research other coaches who may be a fit for you.

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