What Causes Frustration?

“I’m just so frustrated because I’m not getting what I want, but I’m working so hard!” That’s an exact quote from one of my recent coaching sessions and is a very normal sentiment I hear all the time.

What causes frustration? There is one basic answer – inability to control. If you don’t have control of something and aren’t getting what you want, frustration is born. That said, frustration will always exist because we’ll never be able to control everything.

As a coach, I come alongside the people, look at their goals and frustrations to co-create solutions. When we shift our viewpoint from a place of control to a more open viewpoint of creating possibilities, the anxiety-ridden foundation of control-based viewpoints is diffused. You’re able to see so many more possibilities with that lowered anxiety. Most people don’t even notice when they’re in “control” mode, so they don’t realize all of the wisdom and possibilities they are missing out on. That is one role of a coach.

Are you frustrated?

Do you keep working for results that never materialize?

Are your goals always just barely out of reach to the point you want to give up?

Is the battle over control wearing you out?

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