Using the Law of Attraction to Avoid Negative People

There is an instant way to tell if you’re attracting positive things into your life.

At any point, you can do a check on your feelings.

Are you feeling good?

You’ve attracted positivity.

Are you feeling poorly?

You have not attracted positivity.

How do you control what you’re attracting?


Placing your attention, focus, and energy on negative aspects of your life makes the negative aspects seem bigger and more important than they are.

The way to control what you are attracting is by intentionally shifting your energy, focus, and attention to positive things.

I’m not trying to be unrealistic about this…

Hypothetically speaking if another driver smashed into my vehicle I wouldn’t immediately think “don’t think about this… think about something happy!” I’d have to process through the emotions of the moment:

  • Checking to see if the kids & animals are okay
  • Making sure I’m okay
  • Checking to see if there is a fire hazard meaning we should run
  • Checking to see if the other driver is okay
  • Sadness that my vehicle is damaged

We have to deal with life’s ups and downs… but do we have to continually focus on the negative aspects?


Example: Five months ago the treadmill I use daily broke.

We have no idea why or how; it simply stopped working.

It’s a really nice treadmill – so this was surprising.

One day it was working fine, the next other… nada.

I was irritated… it was raining and everyone else in the house was asleep.

Shifting my plans, I did an alternate workout and when my husband awakened I asked him if he remembered where the warranty information was so we could arrange a repair visit.

He took care of it for me & contacted the company.

We received no response.

We were patient and waited a few days.


Then we started a back and forth that to this moment has resulted in a couple of repair techs in our home, several replacement parts shipped, and five months of a huge piece of equipment in our home being inoperable.

It’s irritating and inconvenient.

I have two choices at this point as I sit and wait for yet another part to arrive and another repair tech to come to our house:

  1. Dwell on the fact that it’s (still) broken and the company seems to not really care
  2. Focus on the new part that may be the solution to this saga and the fact that the new repair tech who is assigned to our case seems to actually care about the results of his work

Which would you choose?

Most people would say they’d choose the second one… but come on… you and I both know that most people would end up going with #1 simply out of the bad habit of dwelling on the deficit – what they do not have.

That’s precisely why most people continue in a cycle of getting what they do not have.

Earlier today I was having a conversation with our newest family member – an 8-year-old foster child.

We were discussing a new teacher for her 3rd-grade class.

She asked what the teacher’s name is.

I answered, “Mrs. McMahon.”

She said, “Oh… that reminds me of someone I really don’t like.”

I just can’t help but launch into coaching mode… especially when it has to do with mindset (mindset is everything) issues of someone who is in my home (positive vibes only zone!).

“…let me tell you a story…” I started, “when dad and I were just beginning to get to know each other many years ago he asked me to tell him the date of my birthday. I told him, and a smile went across his face.”

“Why?” she asked.

“He told me that he was so happy to have something positive to celebrate on that day,” I explained, “because he had not had anything positive to celebrate on that date for a long time – it is the date of his first wedding anniversary to his ex-wife who was not a good wife to him.”

She just looked at me with a confused look on her face so I continued, “You see… he could have frowned. He could have said that it was too bad my birthday is on that date because he would always remember it as his former wedding anniversary, but he chose positivity… he chose to replace that negative mark in his history with a positive one.”

I could almost see the light bulb go off in her head.

“So, with your new teacher – Mrs. McMahon – do you choose to remember the negative person that name reminds you of, or do you want to replace that negativity with the positive new meaning… a great new teacher for you?”

The Law of Attraction can be used to make sure that you’re in harmony with what you want.

Making sure that you are directing your thoughts to what you do want (happiness, to feel good, abundance, wealth, prosperity, success) and not focusing on what you do not want (the lack of those things) will ultimately make those things bigger in your mind and then your reality.

What does this have to do with negative people?


When you shift your energy – the energy of your thoughts – from the people in your life who you do not want to the types of people you do want in your life you’re instantly setting energy in motion for new results to show up.

Look at the phrase “energy in motion” there in the last sentence.

Thoughts are energy – everything is energy, actually (scientific fact, check me on it).

The thoughts tied to how you are feeling are energy… set in motion.

We call them emotions.

Emotions = Energy In Motion

How will you set your energy in motion now when it comes to negative people?

You have a choice.

Will you focus on the former marriage wedding date or the negative person the name McMahon brings to mind… or the new, positive replacements for the negativity?

Putting this into action

Several months ago I posted this blog that includes a free downloadable tool that raises your mindset from a lower vibration (negative thought/feeling/emotion) to a higher vibration (positive thought/feeling/emotion).

Check that out and download the free tool.

Your feelings will always tell you if you’re in harmony with the things and people around you.


It’s law.

The Law of Attraction.

What about negative co-workers & others you can’t avoid?

People who are negative as a general rule can really bring you down.

I know, I’ve been there with negative family members, neighbors, and negative co-workers.

I think just about everyone has been there.

The thing to remember here is that you’re always attracting the energy that matches your own… so it’s best to limit your contact with negativity as much as possible to sustain your higher positive vibe.

That said, sometimes we just cannot avoid these folks.

Here is how to put this into motion with the negative people who are around you and who you cannot completely avoid:

  1. Always respond positively to them – with cheer, kindness, and a gentle spirit.
  2. Find one thing that is good about them and practice active gratitude for it.
  3. Employ the incredible tool of curiosity with the negative people – it will help you understand them more fully and will also result in their feeling heard and appreciated which can turn the table on their negativity.
    Curiosity involves questions.
    Example: If the person is describing negativity in great detail about what he or she does not want, respond with the question, ”Well, what do you want?”
    When that person’s energy shifts from what s/he does not want to what is wanted… you’ll feel it.
    It’s amazing.
  4. Release their energy and intention instead of carrying it with you.
    Mentally separate the real you from whatever they have brought into your present reality.
    Don’t take it home with you or discuss it later… that is welcoming their negative energy into your future moments where they do not belong.

If you are living with the negative people and that cannot be helped, make sure you have a calm, quiet sanctuary for your personal retreats.

Enjoy the community spaces without those negative folks as much as you can, and remember… the great outdoors can heal your soul in many ways – get outside when you can.

Set Booby Traps

One of my favorite ways to make sure my mind stays set on the positive and not derailed by Ebeneezer Scrooge is to booby trap my life with positivity.

Set triggers throughout your environments that will remind you of positive things and which will instantly raise your mindset.

For me, random reminders on my phone help – it’s nice to look down and see “you’re exactly where you should be at this moment” (which is one of my random reminders). I’ve also set different things throughout my world that I’ve specifically intended for positivity… a candle that I’ve dedicated to a positive thought, a plant that’s always green, a rock found along a path during a hike on vacation, paintings that have bright, happy colors and which make me smile whenever I see them.

I love all of my booby traps.

Of course, I know I put them there… and that makes me feel even better.

That means my past self loved my present self enough to want to give that present self a reminder… and that my present self loves my future self enough to do it, too.

It’s just a fun way to send yourself love notes… and love notes are always wonderful!

Do YOU have room for this in your life?

There are many aspects of the Law of Attraction that I work on with my clients.

Some of them simply call it mindset training, others understand the LOA and assign it that label.

They all have one thing in common: a positive shift of mindset and a positive shift of life circumstance.

Do you have room for that in your life?

If so, snag a complimentary breakthrough session with me and we’ll see what works for you.

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