How to Practice Self-Care During the Holiday Rush

Holiday merry-making can truly take it out of this girl.

If I don’t watch it, I’ll end up being a complete grump.

The most important thing you can do for yourself and your family this time of year is not buying the best gifts… it’s to take care of yourself.

The Golden Rule of Self-Care

Regardless of what time of the year you’re experiencing at the moment, there is one universal rule for self-care.

If it feels like a duty or a chore you’re not getting much out of it.

Don’t kid yourself into thinking that things you’re doing such as holiday parties or that one holiday girls night that you feel beholden to attending are self-care.

They’re not.

They’re things that drain you.

Self-care items don’t drain you… they fill you up.

Avoiding Self-Care Pitfalls During the Holidays

Here are ways to make sure you are focusing on basic self-care items during a time these things are usually pushed aside.

    1. Make it about yourself.
      This time of year so many people put everyone else ahead of themselves.
      We’re shopping for the perfect gifts for other people.
      We’re trying to show up for all of the events other people are holding.
      Kid’s events… gotta show up to see them and gotta get them to their own parties.
      Don’t forget to wrap everything, and make that tray of cookies…
      You’re going to burn out like that.
      Make a commitment to yourself every morning when you awaken that you will put yourself above every other interest because you know that only through doing that you will be able to serve all of those other people at the level of your highest potential.
    2. Release expectations.
      When you set your own expectations of what other people could be or should be doing, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.
      Don’t expect your spouse to read your mind about the special gift you want this holiday.
      Remember that kids are imperfect and they’re going to be messy… even in that perfect holiday outfit.
      Stop dwelling on the relationship difficulties of past family holidays and watch for opportunities to change that story; if your Uncle Joe always argues with Grandpa and that makes your anxiety go through the roof, find a new angle.
      They’re not making your anxiety soar… you are.
      Release all expectations and set out with the commitment to yourself that no matter what is going on in your space, you’re not going to absorb the negative aspects of other people’s words or actions.
    3. Keep your usual eating routine
      This time of year can pack on the stress, and it can also cause us to pack on the pounds.
      That’s usually due to the very poor habit some people have of over-eating just because it’s a holiday.
      Whether you’re a C-suite executive or stay-at-home mom, the rich treats are everywhere you’ll go.
      If you wouldn’t say yes to them on May 3rd or August 18th, then don’t say yes to them on December 21st.
      Keep your usual eating routine and make sure you’re drinking enough water.
      How much is enough?
      1/2 of your body weight in ounces.
      That means if you weigh 150 pounds, you should be drinking 75 ounces of water.
    4. Sleep.
      That’s simple.
      With late-night parties and special occasions, it’s easy to fall off of your sleeping routine as easily as it is for you to adopt negative dietary habits.
      Don’t let yourself get run down.
      When you’re short on sleep, your immune system cannot keep up with cold & flu season… and the one thing I know no one wants to receive this holiday season is the gift of someone else’s germs and bacteria.
      You’re going to come in contact with them… and with enough sleep and a proper diet, your immune system stands a better chance of fighting it off.
    5. “Me time”
      This can mean many different things.
      I have several “me time” periods built into my day.
      The first is in the morning before the rest of the house awakens.
      I have what I call my daily ritual which involves yoga, journaling, and exercise.The second is midday when I walk outside and (weather permitting) stand barefooted in the grass for a few minutes.
      It may sound strange, but it feels wonderful – a friend of mine suggested it – she told me it’s called “grounding” and made her feel good.
      It makes me feel good so I do it while practicing active gratitude and breathing in the fresh air.The third is my evening salt bath.
      I rarely go a day without it – a soak in my deep bathtub with nearly burning hot water and salts infused with essential oils.
      When people tell me they don’t have time for that sort of thing I call b.s. on them.
      If I can fit in 90-120 minutes of “me time” every day – so can you.
      We have 5 kids, 2 dogs, a cat, two businesses, and I volunteer to help run a local charity thrift store.
      No, I don’t have a household staff to do all the chores.
      I’m busy.
      You’re busy.
      Stop making excuses.
    6. Schedule with (real) life in mind
      You know things are going to pop up because… life happens.
      Schedule for the unexpected.
      Build extra time into your schedule.
      Allot for traveling time – double during this time of the year.
      Say no to people.
      If you don’t know how to say no, then request our free guide “How to Say No (Without Saying No)”
      This isn’t your first rodeo.
      You’ve done this holiday dance before.
      Only… this time instead of putzing around like someone with two left feet on the dance floor people are going to want to know how you’re doing the foxtrot when they’re all running on empty.
      That’s when you can tell them that you’re a scheduling genius and are becoming the master of your own universe.
      If you happen to mention that you’re getting a lot of help from a world-class coach… we won’t mind.


Life can be a bit trying on us sometimes!

That’s life!

But… you’re not alone.

If you’re serious about making today the day you take control and live with lower stress and a higher sense of fulfillment, I want to talk with you.

Here’s a link to a complimentary breakthrough session with me… consider it my holiday gift!

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