Simple Tweaks That Boost Your Happiness

There are a few simple life tweaks that the most successful & happiest people along with top neuroscientists say will result in higher levels of success, happiness, and fulfillment.

The problem is most people are stuck in their own patterns and make excuses about why they just can’t get the time to make these tweaks.

Snap out of it!

Your life is now.

What’s the point of living if you’re not getting the most out of it?

Here are the top mindset and lifestyle tweaks the world’s elite are giving us all so we can live our lives to their fullest potential:

  1. Wait to plug in & ask one powerful question.
    Most people get up in the morning and check their cellphone, their e-mail, Facebook, Instagram feed, look at their schedule, and launch into action.
    They’re following a daily routine that is not leading to success.
    A few months ago we posted a two-part blog series on creating a successful morning routine.
    Here’s a link to part one and another to part two.
    The problem with this launch into full-action immediately upon awakening habit is that it’s training your brain to be in a constant state of stress and over-stimulation.
    Because this routine is repeated over and over again day after day it’s a program.
    The people who do this have actually lost their free will to the program.
    There is an addiction present in their lives, and some experts would argue that when it comes to your health this is as dangerous as substance abuse because it’s chemically altering your brain.
    If instead, you’ll hold off on snatching up the closest electronic device to find out the latest updates that don’t really matter in the world you ask yourself one little question, the entire paradigm will shift.
    When you ask that question your body is going to want to launch into its program.
    Because it’s programmed to do so.
    That’s where your willpower has to go to work.
    This is where you have to decide to intentionally re-program yourself.
    Say no.
    Say no to the cup of coffee before thinking.
    Say no to checking Twitter.
    Ask the question and then literally give yourself time to think about it.
    Better than that… allow yourself time to journal about it.
    Tell your mind that before you feed your body the coffee or whatever it is you want, you’re going to give it what it really needs.
    Think of this as your mental vitamin of the day.
    When you have answered the question, write down your thoughts.
    Write down the things you’ve committed to remaining conscious of the whole day.
    This will help to imprint them in your mind – consciously and subconsciously.
    Write down meaningful things here – things you want to change, things you want to improve, things you want to develop.
    Be honest with yourself.
    Writing down these things – for just a few minutes – can help you realize your areas of greatest growth potential.
  2. Emotionally experience what you want to have tomorrow.
    How can you emotionally experience the future in the present?
    When you determine the things you want to focus on during your days and the things you want to change, improve, or develop you have a lot of material to work with.
    For just a few minutes when your first exercise (above) is done, pick one point and visualize it.
    Here’s how you do that:
    -close your eyes
    -bring to mind the point of your visualization
    -play your ideal future scenario in your mind
    -ask yourself “How does living in this future scenario make me feel?”
    -sit for at least 1 minute and focus on feeling that feeling
    With whatever we do in this life our main goal is to feel good.
    How can you really get in touch with why you have a goal or why you want to change/improve/develop something if you can’t actually identify with how it will make you feel to have achieved it?
    Connecting with the actual feeling will help clarify your why and make it your reality.
  3. Give thanks before you hit the pillow.
    No matter what is happening in your life, there is something for which you can be grateful right now, right here, at this moment.
    Each day before you wind down and go to sleep, take just a few minutes to truly give thought to points of gratitude from your day.
    Don’t gloss over them.
    Take a few minutes to think about them, close your eyes and replay them in your mind and to feel the good feelings that come with practicing active gratitude.
    Active gratitude is what this is all about.
    When you take the time to teach your body what true gratitude feels like it’s going to make your body desire that feeling more and more.
    Feeling gratitude as a regular part of your day will help you live with less anxiety and a higher sense of fulfillment.
    You’ll automatically be more positive.
    Gratitude means that you have something – you’re receiving and are benefitting.
    Gratitude means there’s something worthwhile.
    Reminding yourself of this daily will 10x your happiness.
    As you elevate your state, there are more than 1,000 chemical reactions that happen in the body that begin to restore and repair the body.
    The only ingredients are time, intentionality, and gratitude.
    That’s it.
    To make it easier for you, we’ve created this bedtime gratitude recording that gets quieter so you can literally drift off to sleep while practicing active and intentional gratitude.
  4. Create moments for heightened awareness and connection.
    It doesn’t matter how much you pack into each day.
    You will be more productive and happier if you build in just a few moments – a minute or two at least once in the middle of your day  – to close your eyes, take deep breaths and heighten your awareness of what’s going on around you.
    Sometimes these moments for me include standing outside with my arms outstretched feeling sun warm my skin.
    Other times it involves popping into my garden room’s hammock chair and listening to the antique clock, fountain, and nearby traffic filling my space with soft sounds.
    It doesn’t matter where you take your moment(s) of awareness.
    Just take them.
    They are the oasis in the desert of your busy-ness.
    This practice immediately begins to lower the level of stress hormones in your body and bring a greater sense of peace.

Try to follow these happiness guidelines for just 7 days.

Let us know the changes that manifest in your life!

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