The Importance of Brainwashing Yourself

This blog is a true story about my life – about this very morning – that directly translates into your universe.

I’m going to question who is setting your standards.

We’re going to explore who is programming your thoughts because if it’s not you, then no wonder you’re one of the dozens of people I speak with each month looking for help getting “unstuck.”

This may be the most critical blog or article you ever read because I’m about to tell you how to stop being stuck in that miserable place where you feel unfulfilled and drifting.

This morning, my 11-year-old daughter (who is sweet, respectful, loving, and kind-hearted) informed me that since she’s nearly a teenager, she’s “supposed” to start questioning everything that my husband and I do and say.

I turned to her, more than slightly irritated because my life’s work is helping people be the best versions of their unique selves… so how could someone in my household think, say, or *shudder* believe what she just said?

My response was simple, “Why?”
“Well, hormones and stuff. I’m supposed to think that everything you say is wrong, and I’m supposed to question it,” she said with a bit of sass in her tone.

“That’s bullsh**.”

She gaped at me for two reasons. One, I don’t speak with her like that, and two, because that’s all I offered.

She stood there in our kitchen staring at me waiting for something else to happen.

“What?” I asked.

“That’s it?” she challenged.

“Yes, that’s it. That’s all – you have the ability to allow whatever influences you choose to allow into your life to convince you they are correct.”

You can believe the parents who love you and have since before you were born, or you can believe whatever sitcom writer has written whatever script for whatever crappy show you choose to watch that tells you pre-teens and teens are senseless know-it-all jerks who have bad relationships with their parents and talk poorly about them with their friends.

You can go that route and experiment with things you ought not to be giving power or thought to at the time and hold secrets, get grounded, have a negative communication pattern with your mom with whom, at this point, you have a very positive, loving and supportive communicative relationship.

You can believe the idiocy the world will spew to you that parents are dumb and kids know everything – because trust me we are complete idiots – we didn’t know how to change your diaper or feed you or get you to sleep – we didn’t know how to keep you from electrocuting yourself or drowning in the bathtub.

It’s the reason you died long, long ago- because we are entirely incapable.

It’s the reason we’re homeless, and neither Bob or I have ever made anything out of our adult lives… we’re total losers, after all.

It’s the reason you don’t know how to read or to add and subtract.

It’s the reason you can’t make a decision, and you’re never bathed or rested because we’re total idiots and we can’t make sense out of anything.” I pontificated.

Tears welled up in her eyes.

“Why are you crying? You’re not getting fussed at…

I am permitting you to listen to whatever authority in whom you choose to put your trust.

This is the most freeing thing any mother has ever said to her daughter.

I’m giving you my friendship, trust, and love – and am giving you complete permission to be whomever you want and to listen and trust whomever you want.

If you choose to trust the parents who have done a pretty darn good job with you and your three siblings – that would be awesome.

I look forward to a close relationship with you based on trust and love throughout your teenage years.

Sure, we’ll have disagreements, but with a base of love, kindness, trust, and understanding we’ll always come back to our pretty awesome ground zero.

If you choose to listen to the ten kabillionjillion conflicting messages out there in the world, you’ll be tossed about like a boat in a hurricane. If that is what you choose, life is going to be tough.

You won’t have that foundation – sure, we’ll always love you, but the trust will be shaky at best.

On that road, you’ll be in trouble a lot, and if you don’t believe me, please feel free to ask me some questions because I tried that route.

It sucks, and it doesn’t work.

I’m happy to hook you up with a couple of other people who took that route, too – you can ask them for their advice and perspective – that way, just in case I am a complete idiot you won’t have to listen to me.”

After a few moments of careful consideration, she told me that she wants the open and close relationship type of pre-teen and teenage years.

Good call.

This true story of my life from this very morning directly translates into your universe because we all do this.

We all let outside influences send messages to us that our conscious mind for some ungodly reason accepts and passes onto our subconscious mind which then takes them and runs like a star running back on Superbowl Sunday.

The big question: What if the messages you’ve taken and are running with are utter bullsh**?

In your career – have you ever felt stuck? Lacked direction? Lacked motivation? Wondered if there was something else? Followed instruction like cattle and just gone on with the flow of things but without any real heart or meaning behind it?

The way to get unstuck is to let go of those crap messages that are taking up space in your super valuable subconscious mind and then, with intention, program your subconscious to do what will best serve you.

That statement will make sense to a lot of people, will confuse some, and will sound like complete “hoo-ha” to others.

Let me break it down:
If you are stuck, unhappy, unfulfilled, feel like you are drifting, or anything in between – then you have self-limiting beliefs.

Those self-limiting beliefs are on auto-repeat in your subconscious.

To stop those self-limiting beliefs, you have to have a system to overwrite them.

Then, while and after overwriting them you have to, with intention, program your thoughts continually.

I help people do this all the time with the goals of:

Creating a positive work and life balance that works (and sticks)
Getting promoted
Overcoming other people’s false and/or negative impressions and perceptions about them (so they can succeed)
Start businesses or kick some serious tail in their current business
Enjoy their family instead of running themselves ragged and then letting the good parts of life pass them by

We could go on for hours here, but you get the point.

It’s what I do – daily – and it’s a gift for me to be able to do this, which is why I give the gift freely to anyone who wants to take it for a test drive.

Click here to schedule your test drive.

We’ll spend just less than an hour together talking on the phone – and from that conversation, you’ll have some immediate action steps to propel you toward your goal. If you want to explore working with me, we’ll talk about it, but that’s not the purpose of this call. It’s about you. It’s about where you are versus where you want to be, and it can change your life.

If you were my daughter – after carefully considering my straight-talk, which would you choose? The world in which you’re tossed about… or the world in which you have a stable and trusting foundation built on the unique you?

Let’s talk.

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