Finding Your Inner Voice

I remember looking around my new townhouse in 2008 and wondering how the hell I got there.

I knew the way I physically arrived, in my SUV, but overall… how had I ended up at that point in my life?

In the middle of an unnecessarily nasty divorce and with a seriously adorable one-year-old girl at my side, I was feeling both the exhilaration of a new beginning and the letdown of a failed marriage.

The worst part was that I was frozen.

With all my skills and knowledge, still… I found myself frozen.

It was so quiet.

This particular moment that comes to mind was during one of the short visitation periods my (then) soon-to-be ex-husband was allowed to be with his daughter.

The silence was incredibly loud and uncomfortable.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go – I’d already “done” everything.

My work was finished – so there was nothing there.

My workout was finished… I could always go for another run, but I already ran 7 miles that day so I figured more would have been pushing it on my training schedule – it’s never a good idea to over-train.

My closest friends had other plans… I was forced into nothingness.

There’s always Lifetime made for TV movies… but good gracious who in the world would welcome that into the whole of their painfully silent Saturday?

I’d rather it was silent.

The big question was hanging in the middle of the air.

Why was I so uncomfortable in silence?

The answer was not easy for me to figure out at that time, but is so crystal clear for me right now.

I had absolutely zero insight into what my inner voice was saying.

That’s a monumental problem.

How does someone overcome it?

People stumble around for years trying to overcome it.

Trying… and failing.

Many times they try again, but others just keep busy with activities, music, videogames, movies, or anything else they can to distract their conscious mind so they’re not left hearing that deafening silence.

That is a very empty life.

From the outside, these people look amazing.

From the outside, these people look as though they have the world on a string.

They have all the great group photos on Facebook and like to post about how awesome things are.

You’ll see them show up after a hot yoga class looking better than you’d hope to look going into a hot yoga class.

You wonder how they do it.

Guess what?

They’re not really doing it.

They’re exhausted.

They’re running in circles.

They’re trying to get you (not you personally, per se… but the public in general) to not hear what they hear all. the. time.

The vast nothingness of not hearing their true inner voice.

They hear the little guide voice that says “choose tacos over sushi tonight” but not the voice that tells them “you’re worth more than you know” or “make that investment in yourself because it’s what is best for your life in the long run.”

How long has it been since you’ve heard advice like that from your inner voice?

I crawled out of my inner voice-less hole with the help of my partners and associates who, together, developed GILD’s Power Reality Conversion (PRC).

PRC shifts the paradigm on what is – currently – your reality.

It takes the things that rule you and turns them into the things that fuel you.

Would you like to know how it works?

We thought so.

The power reality conversion first looks at your life as it is now: your patterns, the places you feel most empowered, and the places you feel least empowered… and identifies the weak spots.

We find patterns and triggers throughout nine distinct areas of your life and find what doesn’t match what your goals, priorities, hopes, and dreams are.

That’s where the fun part comes in.

When we work with people in a PRC plan, we’re playing games with elements of their lives.

Think of it like a board game… whatever your favorite board game is.

My family enjoys “Sorry.”

I remember playing it as a kid with my Papa, and now I play with our girls.

I’m pretty good at it.

In that game, you never know what’s coming next from the deck of cards (which you use in lieu of dice) and you have to have a plan for all of the variables if you want to beat your opponents.

We liken different aspects of our client’s lives to games such as Sorry (or baseball… whatever floats your boat) and then we play.

We tweak.

We shift.

We experiment with seven different areas that are completely within their control (it’s key that you feel “in control” in the PRC, so that is the environment we create) and continue making those shifts until what used to be the biggest obstacle (financial stress, an unsupportive spouse, a low self-esteem) becomes one of the person’s biggest assets.

Right now we have a bit of a waiting list for our PRC program, but we’re taking applicants for our next round.

Are you intrigued?

Would you like to hear more?

Snag a breakthrough session and we’ll see if you’re the kind of person we’re looking for who can truly up-level their life through the Power Reality Conversion.

Check out our client testimonials if you want to hear what others just like you have to say about their experience with us and the transformative power of being GILDed.

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