How to Recognize Abundance

Abundance can take many meanings. No matter which definition is prevalent in your life, abundance is real, and it’s all around you. Still, most of us go through life not recognizing it which is indeed a shame. We’re missing out on so much joy.

So, how can you get out of the mental quicksand and start paying notice to the abundance in your life? It’s quite simple, and you may not believe it. Just surrender.

That word, surrender, has a negative meaning in our modern culture. In that way, it means to submit to authority or admit defeat; however, the true meaning of the word is entirely the opposite. In the Bhakti Yoga tradition, the word quite differently means “one who has come to be sheltered.” Take a moment to absorb that – to surrender is to be sheltered by something that is more powerful than you.

Through the practice of mindfulness (meditation), you can, over time, find the abundance in your life that exists regardless of physical circumstances. The joy that springs from having a peaceful spirit is undeniable when you’ve reached that place.

Give it a try. I’d love to hear how it’s working for you!

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