How to Find Your Passion

As I sat down to write this blog for you I had one thing going through my mind.

It ran through it over and over and over again.

…so annoyingly, in fact, that it took me quite a while to begin typing.

You know that song with the lyrics, “You’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’ … oh, that lovin’ feelin’… you’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’ now it’s gone… gone… gone… whoah, oh, oh, oh, oh….”

That’s what kept running through my head.

Now that I typed that it still is, darn it.

That’s really what this is about, though.

We all have a passion.

Most of us have several passions.

Somewhere along the way in pursuit of those passions, many of us fall off track.

Maybe we get stuck focusing on one of the passions and forget another.

I know a lot of moms like that.

They have career goals and then get married, have kids, let go of the career goals and take exemplary care of their children.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking excellent care of their kids, they did it at great expense…


Being a mother is incredibly fulfilling.

I’m saying that from experience – there are five kids in our household – so trust me – experience.

When I was younger I thought I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom.

That’s not how things ended up, and I’m so glad they did not.

Some stay-at-home moms I know seem perfectly happy, and that’s fantastic.

On behalf of the hundreds (possibly thousands?) who have reached out to me for help “finding themselves” again after the kids are in school and it’s “not enough” for them anymore to take care of the kids, shuffling them around, and having a healthy dinner on the table, I’m making this statement:

It is absolutely not okay for you to neglect your dreams, your hopes, your goals, and your life’s mission for anyone – ever – no matter who that person is or from whom that person was born.

I’m a working mom – obviously – and by choice.

I don’t neglect my children; I’m in carpool on time (almost) every time.

… but were I only charged with taking care of them, my husband, the dogs, the house, and our goings-on, I wouldn’t be the example to my girls that I want to be.

I wouldn’t be the example I want to be for our boys either.

Think about it like this – whether you have children or not.

If you’re in the “or not” group, just imagine.

When the doctor handed me my firstborn, my heart felt like it was going to burst.

I already loved that little girl… we’d gotten to know each other (literally) from the inside out over the nine and a half months she was developing.

From that moment, the love intensified and even though I am rarely at a loss for words, I cannot explain the overwhelmingly magnificent all-encompassing glee, bliss, and brightness that enveloped me (and still does) when I look at, think about or interact with her.

I never want anything to stand in her way.

I never want anyone to stand in her way.

I will do anything anywhere for her that she needs for safety, security, happiness, and success.

If I saw her putting her hopes and dreams on the back burner for someone else (anyone else) would I counsel her to the contrary?

You’re damned right I would.

SO, why would I give her an example other than that which I hope she will live out?

My little girl is so proud of me.

She’s watched me build a home for the two of us alone when it was just the two of us after her dad’s and my divorce.

She watched me regress in my career while I did my best to financially hold things together for us, and then she watched me build a business empire alone (at first) and assemble an incredible team to take it to the next level.

She watched me type, type, type my book Truth Bomb and squealed with glee when I showed her the first printed copy that came into my hands.



So many people take the leap to schedule one of my breakthrough sessions – my complimentary calls for people who are serious about moving forward in their lives and who are going to take action to do so – and they tell me they don’t even know what they want anymore…

They’ve lost track of themselves.

They’re lost.

Do you know what they need? 

They need a Life Compass Recalibration (LCR).

LCR is your reset button for being lost.

LCR is your “find my passion” app…

just like your “find my iPhone” app helps you find wherever the hell you last put that darned thing.  (I use that maybe three times a day!!)

We recalibrate the compass of your life to who you are today and then make a whole plan for the 360-degree plan to help you be happy, fulfilled, and energetic as the person who is sitting there right now in this skin, at this time, with this situation.

There is hope.

GILD works with people all the time using LCR.

Coach Kendra and I incorporate it into our substance abuse and addiction recovery services, Coach DeLisa and I incorporate it into our grief recovery program, and Devi Jade, Pixi, and I certainly use it a lot in all of the woo-woo work that we do every single day.

I’ve found that not everyone needs a Life Compass Recalibration – there is the rare exception – but those who don’t need it are just that – a rarity.

We’d love to talk with you about whether this is right for you, and see if you would like to join our waiting list for a spot with one of us, or join our group program immediately.

Just click here to schedule a breakthrough session – no strings – and we’ll talk it through.

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