How to Create Your Own Luck

Some people are just lucky, right?

They’re born with something special and life just keeps giving them more of it?

Dude – no.

That type of thinking is what keeps people down.

We can create our own luck and I’m living proof.

I didn’t grow up with much – we didn’t have that idealistic family with perfect yearly vacations and the right labels on our jeans.

I did my best to hide how below average my family’s income was when I was out in polite company – and I got pretty good at it, too.

SO good, in fact, that the more I behaved in the way I did, the more things started happening to align me in that direction.

This habit of trying to appear as more than I was seemed to be a way of life for my mother who, as it turns out, was more than just slightly materialistic.

I won’t grudge her that, though she was never satisfied because she didn’t follow the mindset tweaks you’re about to learn.

Mama was always focused on what other people had with a type of yearning disposition… you know, sorta like a whining kid “no fair… hers is bigger than mine!”

That was her problem.

I took notes: Mama wants stuff – big stuff – and never gets it… why?

She was focusing on the lack.

She wasn’t focusing on how close she was to having exactly what she wanted… so she died without ever getting it.

That’s the power of negative thinking right there!

For me, the closer I am to something… the more likely it is to be mine.

Not because I’m going to reach out and snatch it, but because by being close to it, I’m aligning myself with the feeling of having it and that’s the basic law of attraction energy right there.

When Mama was close she’d focus on not having it.

I shifted that… because clearly that wasn’t working for her and never did.

So that’s the first change I made in developing my personal system to create my own luck.

It’s a simple shift… you can either focus on the lack of your situation and wallow in that, or you can focus on your goal and align yourself mentally and physically with it so you are prepared to welcome it into your existence as your own.

This can be a car, a job, a relationship, a level of fitness… it can be literally anything.

Alignment is key.

This is a huge mindset shift, I’m not going to lie… and it’s not simple to “just get over it” as I’ve written here – it took me years. (and years).

That’s why Coach Kendra and I created a reset button for people to get them focused on the right things and in the right direction.

If this is something you find yourself needing, please check it out here.

Other than that mindset shift (which could take a while if you’re trying to make the shift on your own) there are four key things you can start doing right now to twist that lucky penny so the shiny side is pointed up.

I talk about them in our latest YouTube video that just dropped – and will give you a little preview here.

Leave room for RANDOM stuff

99% of people fall into one of two groups: over-scheduled or over-distracted/under-organized.

The problem with both of those groups is there’s no room for random things to happen.

HINT: luck is in the random stuff.

I’ve found major business opportunities during “down” time in my day.

Take the time to LOOK for luck

Working moms are the worst offenders in this category – they stay busy, busy, busy.

When they’re not busy, most of them are talking (or complaining… ick) about how busy they are.

Be willing to take chances & be flexible

If you’re not willing to take a chance or break a pattern, you’re not really wanting luck in your life.

You’re wanting a leprechaun to show up with a bucket of gold coins – and that isn’t going to happen.

Learn to love setbacks

My best opportunities have come during setbacks.

I was unhappy at a job and that unhappiness led me to an incredible opportunity where I was happy and fulfilled for several years.

There was an injury to my spine that put me on bed rest for 6 weeks… I realized I wanted to start my own company and work for myself… here we are.

I have many more personal and professional examples but I won’t bore you with those.

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Usually, when someone gets to this point of reading a blog post like this and they’re still seeking answers, those answers will only satisfy if they’re personal.

So- here’s your chance.

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