Fresh & New

Springtime always feels so fresh and new to me. Mother Nature is awakening her adornments after taking a much-needed rest. Just as nature in the good ole outdoors, you and I have seasons. We have times that we’re in a flurry of activity and are producing a lot, and times that are slower and sleepier. We also need rest as nature does with its winter of hibernation that slowly melts away into a gradual blooming spring, beauty of summer, and final burst of color as she slips back into her season of rest again.

Are you recognizing and respecting your seasons? Our seasons are not months long like the seasons of a year; we need rest and rejuvenation more frequently. Read that again. We need rest and rejuvenation more frequently. Need – not want.

Meditation instructor Tom Cronin suggests small changes beginning with the way you view time is the best way to respect our body’s cycle. My challenge to you is to explore new ways to view time; make sure these ways will work for you. Can you operate in 30-minute segments? 45? 20? 90? Figure out how to refresh your outlook on each day to respect the season your body needs to enter in order for you to work at your highest potential. Call it time management if you will (but that sounds pretty boring to me), or look at it as a way for you to explore uncharted territory in your life that will help you be healthier, more effective, and open to a greater sense of fulfillment from all of the things you do each day.

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