Affirmations: How to and Why

Daily affirmations were the punch line in SNL’s old skit “Deep Thoughts with Jack Handy”, but they’re actually not funny at all. They’re seriously helpful.

Let’s look at that old saying “If you think you can’t, you’re right.” What does that mean? Denial is the opposite of affirmation. That statement means if you deny that you are capable of something, you’re right. That makes sense, and most of us will probably buy that truth. If that is a truth, why would the opposite be any different? If a statement of denial such as “I’ll never get that promotion” has power, then equal power exists in the affirming statement of “I’m getting that promotion.”

Affirmations are useful in manifesting a specific purpose, but they are also meant to encourage a life filled with beauty, meaning, and positivity. They’re so much more than a tool to propel achievement. Let’s say you got that promotion – now what? Do you just drop it? No! You replace that affirmation with something else. If you’re having low self esteem, the affirmation can be something that is esteem boosting such as “I’m a smart and creative person” or “I’m likable because I’m friendly.” An affirmation practice is not a hit-it-and-quit-it thing. It’s a daily practice just like brushing your teeth.

So what? What are the real benefits? Here’s what research from leading spiritual advisers, psychologists, and coaches shows:

  1. PERSPECTIVE: Affirmations keep you focused on what’s important so you don’t waste time sweating the small stuff
  2. SYNCHRONICITY: Affirmations help to clear your mind so you can link different elements and events in your life to reveal deeper meaning
  3. ABUNDANCE: Daily practice helps you to keep your blessings in the spotlight, and then attract new gifts
  4. POSITIVITY: Affirmations are positive, and help reveal negativity in your life, which in turn helps you avoid and eliminate negativity
  5. OPTIMISM: Affirmations are positive, so naturally they help you stay positive. Medical studies show that positive people have healthier cardio-vascular systems.
  6. GRATITUDE: When you’re being positive and focusing on affirming things, you’ll fall into a pattern of gratitude.
  7. PROBLEM-SOLVING: Affirmations help you to be more solutions-minded so you will be a problem solving ninja!
  8. CONTAGIOUS SHARING: As you begin to focus on positivity (and in turn becoming more positive) you will become more attractive to all of those around you. Think about it… would you rather be with people who exude happiness and positivity or a sour attitude and negativity? We are all attracted to positivity.

Are you convinced that affirmations are for real? Great. I knew you would be. So, how do you get started? Here are some suggested affirmations you can use at the very basic level:

  •  I’m healthy” keeps you focused on the gift of health, which many of us ignore until we’re missing it!
  •  “I love my job” – even if this isn’t true, it’s going to help you be positive while you’re on the job, which will help you love it in the long run.
  •  “I’m relaxed and happy” – even if you’re not, just talks yourself into being so!
  •  “I’m creative and fun” puts the law of attractiveness into action.
  •  “I am attractive” turns on your magnetic properties!
  •  “Today I will be _______” fill in the blank. What do you want to be? Happy? Successful? Relaxed? Calm? Kind? Reasonable? Grateful?
  • “My mind is a work of art” awakens your realization of your unique being.
  •  “I am powerful” helps you to be and become more aware of the power you truly hold within.
  •  “I will focus on the outcomes, not the obstacles” is a step in the right direction to conquer fear.
  • “I’ll cut myself some slack” is useful for those of us who tend to be entirely too hard on ourselves.

There are many, many more affirmations you can create or borrow from those who have affirmed before you. The main thing to remember is that negativity breeds the same, and positivity breeds POSITIVITY!

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