GILD Colors Personality Test

What are your primary themes?

How does this impact your interaction with others?

The GILD Colors Personality Test will reveal the primary personality markers to help you reach a better understanding of yourself, others, and how you can better interact with others.

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1.How do you proceed with “some assembly required” items? *
2.What describes your gift giving philosophy? *
3.When staying in hotels, regarding the “green initiative” card asking for towels to be hung to save water, you: *
4.When dining with a group, your order philosophy is: *
5.How do you respond when your restaurant server brings the wrong dish? *
6.What is your philosophy on rules? *
7.Which occupational focus is most important to you? *
8.When playing team sports: *
9.What is your clothing philosophy? *
10.What is your philosophy regarding shoes? *
11.How do you view accessories? *
12.Which best describes you during your formal education: *
13.Your philosophy regarding owning a car: *
14.Which best describes your driving style: *
15.When packing for travel: *
16.What is/was your dating philosophy? *
17.When children are around: *
18.What is your financial philosophy? *
19.How do you set goals? *
20.Which best describes your problem-solving style? *
21.When arguments happen: *
22.How do you handle big decisions? *
23.If there is the threat of natural disaster in your area: *
24.When you open your storage area door: *
25.Your closet is: *
26.What is your dishwasher-loading philosophy? *
27.Grocery shopping strategy: *
28.Friendships? *
29.If you’re in a room with many people: *
30.What best describes your phone-usage style? *
31.When it comes to public speaking: *
32.When you’re having a 1:1 conversation: *
33.If you visit the zoo: *
34.When shaking hands, do you: *
35.What is your time management style? *
36.When you’re home alone: *
37.Your general view of people is: *
38.At the doctor’s office: *
39.What is your personal practice when it comes to hair/grooming? *
40.Which is most motivating for you? *