GILD Renewal Yoga

GILD Renewal Yoga is for everyone.

This program will align your energy for healing, recovery, and ultimate goal achievement.

Join us for physical and mental balance to help prevent stress and anxiety, with all the benefits of deep, passive stretching and relaxation.

There are two levels of participation in GRY:

Our PRO Plan includes: 

-16 Weeks of twice-weekly live classes

-Full online curriculum & recordings

-Course guides & personal growth tools

-Lifetime access to the GILD Members-Only Client Portal

Our ELITE Plan includes: 

-All Monthly Member & Pro Plan assets plus…

-Private online Mastermind Community (6 Month Membership – click here to request admittance)

-Twice-Weekly Private 1:1 Group Coaching (6 Months)

-Exclusive client-only content & incentives

If you would like to add private one-to-one coaching to your experience: 

Add 3 sessions with Coach Kendra

Add 3 sessions with Dr. Jane

-Request a spiritual reading with Pixi or Jade via email

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IMPORTANT: in order to progress to the next level, the introduction video must play until the last millisecond for our system to allow the “Mark Complete” button to activate. Please let that play to completion. 

Join the LIVE Classes through these links:


Wednesday 8:00 am Eastern Standard Time

Saturday 10:00 am Eastern Standard Time

Yoga Tools

Links to Yoga Tools You May Like To Use, but are completely optional:

Meditation Bolster Cushion (option 1)

Meditation Bolster Cushion (option 2)

Essential Oils Diffuser (highly recommend this)

Essential Oil for Meditation

Essential Oil for Physical Connection & Calm

Yoga Block (set of two)

Yoga Block (single)

Yoga Blanket (recommended instead of a regular blanket for stability)

Yoga Strap

Alkaline Water: The most hydrating & healthiest water for your body (video demonstration)