Master Your Mind Mentorship

The Master Your Mind (MYM) Mentorship is a 7-week live coaching experience that gives you lifetime access to a powerful, step-by-step hands-on online program aimed at increasing your level of emotional intelligence, creating confidence, and an unstoppable mindset for success and manifestation.

You will learn:

  • The foundations of emotional intelligence & how to boost them
  • Key strategies for having an unstoppable motivation
  • How to stop being impacted by events and people in the world around you
  • Mindset shifts to position you for power and influence
  • …and much more

IMPORTANT: You will need a journal!  This is the journal Dr. Jane swears by and recommends. It is refillable and comes with section tabs for organization so you can use it for several journal sections and have a note pad for miscellaneous things as well.

As a member of the Master Your Mind Mentorship, you will receive a lifetime membership to this exclusive client-only portal, the GILDed Tribe group, and access to 7-weeks of all GILD Walk-In Clinic sessions.

These trainings are a partnership between I Am Creator and GILD Coaching, hosted and operated by GILD Coaching.

For the mentorship beginning June 22, 2020, your session schedule and log-in links are:

Tuesdays 7:00 pm Eastern/2:00 pm GMT  (password MYM123)

Friday 12:00 pm Eastern/ 5:00 pm GMT

The Tuesday session is exclusive to MYM and will be recorded; recordings will be processed and the links will be added to the related lesson within your curriculum.

The Friday sessions are recorded; the recordings will be available in the private client group on Facebook. If you are not part of that group yet, please click here to request membership.