Our Mission

                               GILD Coaching exists to reduce stress and simplify the lives of people who invest in their own personal growth.

Our Vision

                              We envision a world in which people achieve their goals, set healthy boundaries, and live a lower-stress life.

Our Purpose

GILD Coaching is purposed at utilizing Life Coaching methods approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and taught through ICF accredited programs to help people improve their lives and develop the skills to live happier than they have before. These coaching methods are utilized to assist people in their personal growth investment to achieve goals, reveal the excellence within each person, create a safe and reasonable environment of healthy boundaries with them, and organize life events and habits in such a way to assist overcoming the stresses of our hectic modern culture. GILD’s clients come via referral and also privately.

Inspiration Behind GILD Coaching


The "big" idea behind GILD Coaching comes from the ancient Japanese art of kintsugi; the aggrandizing (strengthening & intentionally increasing value) of damaged items by filling holes and cracks with gold. This art comes from the belief that history and all effects of that history make an object more beautiful.

GILD believes that about you. Your history and the things that have brought you to this point make you beautiful; we are here to strengthen and guide you to the place you’ve dreamed to be.

GILD Coaching focuses specifically on stress and anxiety management, however, general life coaching and mindset coaching are part of the overall methodology. You and your personal coach will work together to reach your goals regardless of subject matter.

Our Values

Authenticity – Many people feel as though what they have experienced in life makes them a failure, or undesirable. GILD believes that what we have been through (the good and the difficult) is what makes us beautiful. This is the principle on which GILD was founded.

Honesty – We believe that being honest with ourselves and within the world around us is core to living a low-stress life. Honesty breeds trust, security, and stability – which is a great starting place for your journey.

Loyalty – Without honesty, loyalty cannot exist. GILD believes in loyalty to those who but their trust in our team to help them shape their lives. GILD is here for that one reason – to help people grow and live better lives. This is possible in part because of our loyalty to you.

Achievement – Everyone is capable of growth and of achieving her own goals. The value of achievement starts with that core belief and builds from there in partnership between coach and client. GILD values achievement and believes that through helping others develop the skills and mindset to achieve, we are in turn making the world a better place.