Environmental Re-Design System: 
Exclusive Hybrid Coaching Program

This is an exclusive program for women who have the family, financial freedom, and lifestyle they always wanted, but who still feel like crap. What’s the point of your life if you’re just enduring it? You can get more stuff, but your time is wasting away! GILD wants you to love the hell out of yourself and look forward to tomorrow.

Stop trying to find happiness through one more pair of designer shoes or the latest bag, luxury car, or whatever your retail therapy entails! Stop trying to find validation through “looking the part” or pleasing someone else. It’s never going to fill that empty spot you’re hoping no one realizes you have.

Do you realize 92% of the time our unhappiness is self-generated? Stop doing this to yourself, and do something about it!  GILD’s exclusive & proprietary hybrid Environmental Re-Design System is proven to make long-term and lasting change.

GILD’s coaching has transformed the lives of hundreds of women – from just existing to truly living – happy, vibrantALIVE!

This is the only program of its kind and is expertly designed by Life Design Specialist Jane Mims, a Certified Life Coach and Stress Reduction Expert. 

Because it is created to bring happiness and fulfillment, it is designed to work with your schedule, no matter how hectic it is or how busy you are or where you live!

The Environmental Re-Design System is a must-have tool for women who struggle with a lack of fulfillment, have lost a sense of identity in the clutter of their lives, and who desperately want to reclaim control, find happiness, but who have no idea how to do that. 

We dig deep and cut through the b.s.  to get results in record time. Just read our client testimonials. This is what you’ve been hoping for. 

This is my personal invitation for your application to be part of GILD’s remarkable family, which is winning the battle against hopelessness, depression, and lives that feel meaningless… one person at a time.

Because our proprietary system is personal and customized for each of our clients, the GILD team is highly selective about who we work with. We forge partnerships to achieve great things. 

Will you be our next success story? 

Life Design Specialist

Professional Certified Coach 

Stress Reduction Expert

You so badly want to be "that person"

Happy, calm, cool, and collected... Not ruffled by circumstances... taking it all in stride.

You don't understand why you can't keep it together... you have a great life, but just feel empty, overwhelmed & unfulfilled.

You've started to think that maybe this is just the way life has to be.

I have good news... it's not!

You desire to:

  • Go through your daily life feeling happy and relaxed.

  • Have time for yourself and not feel guilty using it!

  • Feel confident and in control of your schedule, decisions, & life overall. 

  • Be loved, respected, & valued for all you do & who you are.

  • Know that you are supported & have someone who understands & cares about your dreams.

  • Feel fulfilled, have a true sense of who you really are, what will truly make you happ.

  • Have energy, feel good, and be genuinely cheerful! (actually really happy.)(really.) 

  • Know that it’s possible to reconnect with your true identity and be fulfilled

To get there you have to:

  • Get back to the basics of who you are and what you want!

  • Stop letting other people walk over you.

  • Let go of the guilt you feel about taking time for yourself.
  • Destroy the negative self-talk soundtrack that’s stuck on auto-repeat inside your head! 

  • Make a commitment to be true to yourself!

  • Own your worth and truly believe that you deserve good things!

  • Re-Design the environments of your life!

The real problem is...

  • You don’t think it’s actually possible to have less stress.

  • Somewhere deep down inside you’ve convinced yourself that this is what life is like for everyone… and they’re just putting on a front that things are great.

  • You think it’ll be too hard to accomplish the life you want, or you won’t have the support to get there. 

  • You don’t want to burden anyone else with your feelings of insecurity or anxiety.

  • You are afraid it will take too much time to implement real changes, and that they won’t last even if you make the time to learn.

  • That you’ll fail… and then feel even worse about yourself in the long run. 

Take a breath...

It’s going to be okay.

How do I know that?

Simple…  because I’m Jane Mims, a Life Design Specialist & Certified Coach.

I’ve lived the career of my dreams, have the family life of my dreams & an awesome lifestyle. I’m incredibly happy and feel fulfilled every day, and I coach other women how to have what I have.

I’ve overcome a life of hopelessness, anxiety & depression… and reconnected with my true self.  

On the other side of hopelessness I found & learned to love a person who is really awesome and kick-a**! (Me, of course!)  Do you know who else is awesome and kick-a**?  YOU ARE, and you deserve to feel that way!  

The answers were deep inside me; it took me years to find them – and now I’m giving you a shortcut – my personal paint-by-numbers proprietary system to claim your own personal happiness.  Imagine in 6 months being able to never feel hopeless or empty again. This is real – and this could be you.

I have been to the mountaintop on this one, sister...

I didn’t get where I am overnight. It was years in the making – blood, sweat, lots and lots and lots of tears. My own personal trials created the perfect storm for a revolutionary breakthrough: I have created a way for women to overcome the whirlwind that leaves them feeling lost, lonely, worn out, and unappreciated. My system brings joy to the joyless and hope to the hopeless – we re-design your life together to align you with what you have and what feeds your soul so you can be content and fulfilled every day.

My life is much different now.

Instead of running myself ragged, feeling hopeless, and being generally miserable, I’ve re-designed my life from the inside out: developed skills to control my schedule, communicate effectively, and prioritize what’s truly important. My marriage is better, I have better relationships with our kids, friends, and am happy. 

I’ve found how to live in a way that is fulfilling and calm… to stop chasing a dream in ways that will always leave me feeling empty, stressed, and worthless.

The whole way I documented what worked and what didn’t work – trial and error – and lots of practice and tweaking. Now, my Environmental Re-Design system is perfected, and it’s ready to transform your life into a place of joy and fulfillment. 

I want to help YOU love your life!

You deserve to be happy. 

You deserve the life you have grown to think is impossible! Waiting is just wasting time… while you’re miserable!

(but it is possible!)

Your life should be on your terms.

Circumstances should not control you… you should control them, and you should love what you do!

(you can do this!)

Your health depends on it!

Your hopelessness & depression  causes stress, which results in 6 of the top 10 causes of death in the U.S.!  

(you deserve more!)

Most people have it all wrong...

They think life just “is what it is”… that happiness is for fairy tales.

They think running themselves ragged & not having any time for themselves is reality and that it can’t (and won’t) change. 

They think this must be what everyone else’s life is like… but they’re so wrong!

It’s just a really busy time. Things will slow down soon. 

…but do they ever?

Things will get better if I just catch up with my to-do list.

…does this ever happen?

Why can everyone else keep   it together but I can’t?

…how do you know they are?

I’m too set in my ways to change. I’ll just deal with it.

…does that ever happen?

GILD has been a game-changer for me!​

I've struggled with stress and anxiety for as long as I can remember. I got to a place in my life where I reached my goals, but was not happy at all. Coach Jane is an expert and has gone above and beyond with me. At first I didn't know what coaching online would be like, but it was like Jane was right here with me. I thought about having a coach in my town- so glad I did not. This is better than anything anyone else could offer me. Jane is responsive and caring. I feel connected to her and really feel like she's my partner in making my goals happen. GILD gets stuff done and makes me feel valued and respected while doing it. I've learned to love myself again and live my life in a way that really does make me happy each day!
-Laura R., La Jolla, CA

It's your turn to get it right!

I don’t want you to suffer like I did… for years… hoping and praying for a solution

You are wasting years that you’ll never get back.  That’s why you should claim happiness today.

You can do it with GILD’s

Environmental Re-Design System: 
Exclusive Hybrid Coaching Program

• Cut through the b.s. and get to the bottom of why you're not loving your life

• Re-write your story by aligning you with the person you want to be & know you can be

• Create a plan for your life that will fill you with a sense of purpose

• Dive into every facet of your life, find what is there that's holding you back, and destroy it

• Re-Design your thought processes to get you out of that pit of self-pity

• Make significant upgrades in your physical and mental environments

•Learn how to have fun again and actually love the hell out of yourself

This is not for you if....

It's time to get honest... are you really ready for big change?

If you're not, please don't apply yet. We reserve time for people who are ready.

Only apply if you are ready now.

Why choose the
"Environmental Re-Design System"?

You can’t get this anywhere else, and there is no other program that can deliver such significant results in this brief amount of time. 

I pioneered this methodology- it’s the results of years of work, and involves a team of psychological and coaching experts. My exclusive Environmental Re-Design System is changing lives around the world. Our coaching comes to you wherever you are, whenever you can fit it in.

The wisdom included in this program is only otherwise accessible through intensive mentorships requiring months of focused work, extensive travel, and tens of thousands of dollars.

The “Environmental Re-Design System” makes it possible for hundreds of people to benefit from wisdom, instruction, and teachings you can’t get anywhere else – and one-on-one attention required to make lasting change.

Full Online Curriculum & Tutorials

You learn at your pace, and on your schedule. Each week you’ll receive a guided video tutorial from Coach Jane & exclusive workbooks to help you on your path. All of your materials will be accessible wherever you are. 

Weekly Live Coaching

You’ll have weekly live coaching calls with Coach Jane and the GILD team to address your personal, unique needs and questions. You’ll also benefit from being part of the exclusive group benefitting from the experience of hearing fellow members being coached, too. 

Private One-on-One Support & Coaching Sessions

You’ll have guidance from me, but that’s not all. You’ll have the other GILD Coaching team coaches helping you at different milestones of your journey. You’re not getting a coach… you’re getting a team of coaches who are all invested in your success, your needs, and your goals. 

Exclusive Mastermind Community

Being part of this program means you’re part of an incredible community of people who are together because of common goals and interests. You’re not alone because your coaches are your partners, but also because you’re surrounded by a support system of people who understand where you are right now in life. 

Meet Your Coaches

When you’re coached by GILD you have some of the best and most experienced professionals in the industry. 

You don’t just get a coachyou get a team of coaches each invested in your success and happiness.

Check out your Re-Design schedule...

So what do you REALLY get?

Your Time is NOW!

There is limited space for new clients of this program!

Time is of the essence… and thats why I urge you…

If you really are ready for a change, book your Exploration Session today!. 

I know you deserve good things!

Somewhere along the way in the journey of our lives, we lose ourselves. We end up miserable. 

So much of our time is spent getting what we want for our lives that along the way we forget the person who wanted to be there in the first place. 

Before we know it, we’re stressed out, unhappy, and left asking ourselves why we are so miserable… we begin comparing ourselves to everyone else, and convince ourselves that we’re just a big, hot mess. 

I believe in you, and I know that you need more happiness and less stress, but more than that… you deserve it. 

You deserve to not only live your awesome life, you deserve to love he hell out of it and out of yourself! 

That is not what life is supposed to be like for you… and somewhere deep down inside you now it.

What good is getting what you want if you’re too miserable, stressed out and overwhelmed to enjoy it? 

You’re not someone who is going to accept this as your inevitability because of a little inner fear.  I know you have the insight and wisdom to step forward and claim the life you want… and deserve!

If you’re ready, take your first step and apply for a Re-Design Exploration Session with me. I’m offering this session to women who are ready for a change and are willing to make the investment to get it. 

I look forward to connecting!