Successful Transition Private Program 3x

Only $665.67 / month for 3 months

This comprehensive & guided program creates a long-term solution to career goals – and does so at record speed.

Finding a new job & pushing your career forward has never been easier – or with faster results!

You will receive:

5 Weekly Guided Video Lessons

5 Weekly Guided Workbook Lessons

E-mail support directly from your coach (12 weeks)

Weekly live video coaching with your coach (12 weeks)

Text support directly with your coach (12 weeks)

24/7 Voice-to-voice support directly with Dr. Jane (12 weeks)

Referral bonuses: refer new clients to GILD Coaching & receive free live 1:1 coaching & one month of mastermind coaching as a thank-you gift when one becomes part of our family!


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