Custom for KM

Only $3,000.00 $2,500.00

I’m so honored and excited to be your coach! I’ve added a couple of objectives below after our conversation on 4/5. 😉

You’re enrolling in a mastermind level program and are being bonused two full curriculums. They will be led as a self-study, but you also have the benefit of coaching interaction – so best of both worlds.

Your program cost is $3,000 with a $500 discount for a single payment of $2,500. The payment will process when you fulfill it through this page.

12-month Environmental ReDesign program curriculum ($6,500 value)

12-Lesson Freedom By Design program curriculum ($1,997 value)

Objectives as defined in your proposal:

•Deep dive to discover Kristin’s personal values system & develop an actionable life plan based on that values system
•Custom element: Create a personalized career progression plan
•Develop positive pattern language and pattern thinking processes to reduce feelings of uselessness & failure
•Overcome subconscious blocks to networking & social anxiety as well as uncover unknown blocks left from past abuse
•Develop a fully customized time management & boundary system that is ongoing and easily maintained; this will prevent overload, overwhelm & burnout
•Explore hidden and yet unrecognized talents that can open new personal and professional paths of interest & bring fulfillment
•Teach Kristin how to practice self-care without guilt or self-judgment
•I will act as a sounding board for you to help navigate life’s difficulties and circumstances; will use triplex listening to hear what you are (and are not) saying, and will shine back to you areas of exploration and possibility

•Provide feedback and guidance to help you develop an empath care system

•Provide resources and help to assist with learning best day-to-day practice as an empath; how to relate to others, and a deeper system of boundaries to assist with not picking up all of the “lint” that your emotional static cling will attract

ALSO- if you make client referrals, you’ll receive 1 additional month of mastermind and 2x 1:1 sessions for any mastermind level or above fulfillment