Personal Coaching & Mentoring

We offer coaching and mentoring in several categories to suit your needs and desires.

Choose the area you'd like to explore below by clicking on the picture.

Private and program-based mentorship & coaching designed to fit your needs:

• Strategy & effectiveness

• Stress reduction & balance

• Communication skills

• Mindset & E.I./E.Q.

• Time management 

• Leadership & team building

• Entrepreneurial mentorship

Private individual, group, and program-based coaching on your schedule:

• Overcome past trauma

• Substance abuse recovery

• Addiction support

• Community accountability

• Transformational health guidance

• Life planning 

Membership-based individual and private group consultations designed to compliment your spiritual exploration:

• Energy healing

• Reiki


• Confidence building

• Life planning

• Retreats

Private group programs and membership-based one-to-one support to help you through life's most difficult losses:

• Grief recovery

• Healthy coping strategy

• Reconnecting with self

• Community support

• Mindset enhancement

• Life planning

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We believe every person who wants to achieve more success with lower stress can do it...

with the right help.
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How Does It Work? 

GILD's coaching is done virtually, making this an incredible opportunity that works on your schedule and with your abilities.
It's a highly personal experience.
Your coach is beside you through our Virtual Office in both one-on-one sessions & weekly open office hours.

Clients have exclusive access to an online membership portal with tools & other resources.
These tools include video instruction, intuitive coursework, workbooks, & direct contact information for your coach for 24/7 support for whatever you need.


With a community comes strength, and that's what is waiting for you:
A team of professional certified coaches & others who are walking similar paths are there for guidance and to act as a sounding board for you throughout your program.

Jane Mims, PCC
Founder & CEO

I created GILD Coaching to serve people who are overwhelmed by life's circumstances and need a break!

We believe each person can be truly great at whatever he or she wants to do if the right foundation is in place.

Far too many programs for effectiveness & stress reduction don't start at that foundation.

We do, and we provide the support you need every step of the way.

The GILD team of professional certified coaches is here for you, and I'm proud to lead them.

I look forward to personally getting to know you during your journey regardless of what coaching program you choose!

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